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Bill McClellan
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Interior Painting - New construction home - complete interior painting not to include garage.

Ceilings -

Will prime and paint flat white.

Wood work -

Nail holes will be puttied.

Open joints, gaps and seams will be caulked.

All wood work will be painted 2 coats in your choice of color and sheen.

Prior to painting any bare wood will be primed.

Walls -

Will prime and paint 2 coats in your choice of color and sheen.

Will sand between coats for a smooth finish.

Handrails -

Will seal and polyurethane or if you choose will include staining handrails.

This estimate includes 2 men 8 hours for touching up upon completion.

Will cover windows, bathtubs etc. to prevent paint spatter.

Labor and Materials: $12,750

**This quote is based on painting prior to floors being installed. If we need to cover floors there will be a slight up charge.

**Note: Upon completion we will leave any extra paints for future touchups.
When painting we will take precautions to cover furnishings, counters, floors, etc. to prevent paint spatter.
A copy of our Workman’s Compensation and Liability Insurance is available upon request.

WE PROPOSE: hereby to furnish materials and labor-complete accordance with the above specifications, for the sum of: $

All material is guaranteed to be as specified. All work to be completed in a substantial workmanlike manner according to specifications submitted, per standard practices. Any alteration or deviation from above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written orders, and will become an extra charge over and above the estimate. Our workers are fully covered by Workers Compensation insurance.

Acceptance Of Proposal The above prices, specifications and conditions are satisfactory and hereby accepted. You are authorized to do the work as specified. Payment will be made as outlined above.

Note: This proposal may be withdrawn by us if not accepted within 30 days.

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