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Kathy Steen

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Exterior Painting - Home

Clapboards -

Clapboards on home will be sanded using electric orbital sanders to remove as much loose flaking paint as possible.

Any nails protruding out will be nailed back in.

Any open joints, gaps and seams will be caulked to keep moisture out.

Will apply 1 complete coat of Sherwin Williams Flat Duration paint.

Trim -

Trim boards will be sanded as needed.

After sanding any bare areas will be spot primed.

Will caulk any open joints, gaps and seams to keep out moisture.

Apply 1 complete coat of Sherwin Williams Satin Duration paint.

Windows - will scrape any loose flaking paint. Prime windows as needed. And apply 1 complete coat of Sherwin Williams Satin Duration paint. Will remove screens from windows and remove nails holding screens in.

When working on home we realize there may be a couple rotted boards that need to be replaced, as well as back window sill.

Any rot replacement we do will be replaced using Azek PVC composite so it will not rot again in the future.

We have broken this down in several options for you.

To do the worst sides which is the back and left side of home (garage side)

Labor and Materials: $6,500

To do the front of home and right side

Labor and Materials: $4,250

To do all 4 sides of home

Labor and Materials: $ 10,750

Additional Options -

All white spindles on deck -

Will be sanded as needed.

Bare areas will be spot primed.

Will apply 1 complete coat of Sherwin Williams Satin Duration to all spindles and to all white trim around deck.

Labor and Materials: $450

**While painting will remove downspouts as needed so we can paint corner boards that sit behind them.

Gutters will be cleaned free of charge.

Any mildew areas on house will be washed by hand using a mild dawn dish detergent and bleach mixture.

A copy of our Workman’s Compensation and Liability Insurance is available upon request.

WE PROPOSE: hereby to furnish materials and labor-complete accordance with the above specifications, for the sum of: $

All material is guaranteed to be as specified. All work to be completed in a substantial workmanlike manner according to specifications submitted, per standard practices. Any alteration or deviation from above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written orders, and will become an extra charge over and above the estimate. Our workers are fully covered by Workers Compensation insurance.

Acceptance Of Proposal The above prices, specifications and conditions are satisfactory and hereby accepted. You are authorized to do the work as specified. Payment will be made as outlined above.

Note: This proposal may be withdrawn by us if not accepted within 30 days.

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