Commercial Painting FAQs

Is interior office painting or commercial painting expensive? How much does interior painting for an office or building cost?

Nelson Paintings Interior commercial painting is competitive and affordable. Our professional team at Nelson Painting need some basic information about the office or commercial property such as size, what are you painting – ceilings, walls & trim, etc. With some basic details our team can give you a Free Estimate for your commercial painting project in Plymouth, on the South Shore, or in the Cape Cod area. Call 508-746-6432 for a Free Estimate today.

Is exterior commercial painting expensive? How much is exterior commercial painting?

Exterior commercial painting quotes are competitive and affordable at Nelson Painting. Each commercial property and business is different and unique, so our experienced and licensed painting professionals at Nelson Painting will need to know some basics such as the type of building you need painted, size of the building, what you are looking to have painted such as the foundation of the building, maybe the trim or body. With some basic details about your building and exterior painting needs, our painters can get you a free estimate/quote for any size project on the South Shore or Cape Cod area. Call 508-746-6432 for a Free Estimate on your upcoming exterior commercial painting project.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, Nelson Painting is fully insured and licensed. A family owned and operated business for over sixty years, Nelson Painting has the experience, knowledge, and licenses to complete your painting project on time and within budget.

Do you offer minor repairs with commercial painting, such as rot repair?

Yes, to ensure the best results possible, the team at Nelson Painting will provide rot repair, any small repairs needed, as can also power wash to remove dirt and mildew prior to painting to achieve top quality professional services your office or building needs.

What is involved in interior commercial painting, beyond the actual painting?

Nelson Painting can prepare your commercial building for interior painting by removing old wallpaper and repairing walls, as well as washing, puttying, caulking, sanding where ever necessary. All of this preparation allows our team to ensure good paint/stain adhesion, polyurethane, or premium painting. Interior commercial painting also offers damage repair from ice dams or fire and smoke, in addition to professional painting and specialty finishes.

What is involved in exterior commercial painting, beyond the actual painting?

Our exterior commercial paint service offers power-washing to remove dirt and mildew for a clean and even siding area to start. We also offer window glazing. Finally, many commercial buildings and offices have issues with graffiti, but Nelson Painting can help with graffiti removal and prevention services along with commercial painting to ensure your business remains free of vandalism.